Nearly twenty years ago my best friend fell in love with a cowgirl. She was visiting New York City where he was born and raised. Somehow she convinced him to move out west and sure enough he packed his bags and left with her.
He’s been with her ever since.
Jeff has become a Farrier he’s considered a Horse Whisperer. Laurie has a masters in Biology and works to preserve water quality.
Together they live off the grid and are building a ranch with nothing but hand and horsepower.

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A project about people and their spaces.
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13 Responses to JEFF & LAURIE

  1. Mindi Belsky says:

    Looks like a beautiful life!
    Are you the Jeffrey who lived at 35E84 St.?
    If so, we were next door neighbors and I was friends with your mother and you were friends with Matt.

    • Mindi,
      Yes thats the same Jeff. Jeff probably wont see this message but I will pass it on to him. Thanks for leaving your message. I am sure Jeff will be happy to hear from you.

    • Hey Mindi Cohen! This is Rich, Jeff’s brother. I ran into Matt and Melissa 25 years ago on Nantucket. I remember you and your family very well of course- we practically lived at each others apartments. How coincidental that you found Jeff on this site! Email me and let me know how you and your kids are doing.

  2. I knew why I immediately loved these photos…..I’m a native Texan, but a Northeaster somehow convinced me to follow him! 🙂

  3. April says:

    Nevermind, I found it! Very nice. Love the whole aesthetic they have going on in the shot with the guitars!

  4. Bing Bingham says:

    I just met Jeff and Laurie…truly, they are delightful people. I enjoyed my time with them and look forward to getting to know them better.

    A tip of the photographer’s cap to Michael Mundy…a sensitive and skillful photo essay…well done!

  5. PATRICK SEAN says:

    Beautiful work . I do projects with Jeff’s brother Richard . He told me of this trip and its deep emotional resonance. It can only get more beautiful with text of the fuller story. I really look forward to creating a film project on something of interest with yourself and Richard.

  6. udom surangsophon says:

    Very nice story and great photo essay. The photos tell story so well.

  7. April Wakefield says:

    I am somewhat neighbors with Jeff and Laurie and friends. They are very interesting and very kind people. They live a few miles down the road from me. They are both very hard working and hard playing. They are always there to lend a helping hand whenever needed. These photos of them show their lives to a tee. It is really neat to see their lives and story told in such a way. I love the photo of the dog shay and the water hose that is so that dog. What a great story. Fantastic photos too.

  8. Foster says:

    this is fucking amazing. great story

  9. Scott Ferguson says:

    Michael – as always, your photographs are warm, touching, personal and heartfelt. That you are an artist of the highest caliber shows in the quality of your work. Rich. Captivating. Stylized without effort. Unfailingly luminescent.
    As the lensman, you tell the story. Every time.
    As a friend, the love shines through. Every time.

  10. Gillian Rose says:

    What a beautiful love story………………..

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