Scott Newkirk is a fashion stylist. His work can be found here. Shot at his house in Brooklyn.

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A project about people and their spaces.
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14 Responses to SCOTT

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  4. Does he want a roomate? 🙂 My favorite part of a home is how the light comes in through windows….in my sunny California home, that’s the best part of my kitchen.

  5. this is sweet – some stylist he is – a true living sexy lamp.

  6. Gillian Rose says:

    absolutely amazing……..a total composition between designer & photograph………that’s what Michael Mundy offers all of his designers…….lucky us.

  7. perhaps my favorite living room of all time, ever.

  8. Beth Lee says:

    Now I know why my apartment doesn’t look exactly like the home I’d like to come home to. You’re living in that one. Lovely job and great blend of textures, color and light. Calming without being soft.

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  10. Anne Foxley says:

    Your rooms have such spirit and life with or without people in them. Adore your photography!

  11. Michael, Savania, Stephen says:

    Effortless elegance! Magnifique!

  12. Cecille Swayneson says:

    What an amazing Loft. Stunning and effortlessly styled. I want to live there. Bravo.

  13. You’ve done a beautiful job of showing our son’s talent as a decorator. Great photography. I didn’t know those rooms could have so much light!

  14. maria santoro says:

    What a dreamy place!
    Michael you totally captured the mood of this amazing space…. well done!

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