Paul Bridgewater is a gallery owner, curator,  fine arts consultant, and restauranteur. Some of his work can be found at Shot at his apartment Downtown NYC.

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A project about people and their spaces.
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7 Responses to PAUL

  1. Richard says:

    That kichen alone is mesmeric. The narrow chandelier from the ceiling is unique to my experience, I’d never have thought it would work yet it does .. tremendously.

  2. P
    Your space is a manifestation of all that you are- it wasn’t “put together”….it grew! Fancy & primitive, exuberant & pensive, tasteful & quirky, over the top & under too. Love the sparkly chandelier… and I know, every object must have a story, right? Philomena

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  4. richard says:

    paul was my first roommate in nyc (many, many years ago). nice to see this well deserved ‘portrait’ of such a creative, visionary new yorker!

  5. Michele Harvey says:

    One of a kind. A work of art amidst his works of art.

  6. At last you’ve pictured a typical apartment! Crowded with objects of love, just enough space for sitting, sleeping, eating. Love it! The minimalistic is interesting, but the spark is this “lived in” apartment!

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