Addi Hou is the Accessories Design Director at Jcrew. His wife, Helen, is the Sweaters Director at Reed Krakoff. Their children are Alden, Bonnie & Mavis. Shot at their apartment in Brooklyn, NY.

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8 Responses to ADDI & HELEN

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  2. Kendrick says:

    Possibly the best read that I read this month 😀


  3. sunny lee says:

    I love this. It’s perfectly fine day with your family….. What a great family photo you have ! I want to do this with my boyfriend. It seems like a new way of photo album. COOL ! thanks for sharing this with me, Addi….

  4. roberto bustamante says:

    beautiful family GOD bless your family bro keeping in touch

  5. wayne pate says:

    I know this home. It’s a wonderful cozy home.

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  7. Vivian says:

    Another wonderful peek into someone’s world. You continue to surprise me.

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