Bradford Shellhammer is the founder of the designer flash sales site He is also a writer. Some of his work can be found at Bradford Shellhammer. Shot at his apartment in Manhattan.

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A project about people and their spaces.
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15 Responses to BRADFORD

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  5. Does anyone happen to know where the red chairs are from? The library I work at has them as well, but in brown, and they are so comfortable.

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  7. fionaqiqi says:

    is the furniture from IKEA?
    p.s. i love the tattoo!

  8. GoVintage says:

    Cosy, modern, authentic, wonderful view…amazing pics!
    Thank you!


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  10. Ron Arden says:

    A very handsome man and a beautiful N. Y. apartment with a great view. Well Done!!

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  13. Vivian says:

    Aside from the wonderful photography, which allows us to peek into the households of folks some of us have never heard of, then use the hyperlinks to go to new places and read new material introducing us to the models from your work, connect viewers like me down in the Deep South with people to whom we’d never have introductions. Very entertaining. Thanks.

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