Michael Mckee is the door host at the downtown hotspot,  La Esquina. During the day, he is a martial arts instructor for Thai boxing at The Renzo Gracie Academy. Shot at his apartment in Manhattan.

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A project about people and their spaces.
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5 Responses to MICHAEL

  1. Tara says:

    Great shots! I agree with commenter mr. schweigert that it is nice to “meet” artists and others who aren’t so mainstream, but are often well-known in their fields. I love their creative spaces. Thanks for doing this project. 🙂

  2. Jodie says:

    Viewing your site makes me wanna clean house! Love it. Totally inspiring…in many ways. 1/ hang art that has been sitting on the floor for years. 2/ give away things I don’t use. 3/ actually use ALL the rooms-spaces-nooks in our apt. 4/ love our home

  3. So I check this everyday. Definitely my cup of tea. I enjoy your work so much and can’t stop telling people about you. Thank you for this beautiful work. Blows my mind every time.

    • mr schweigert says:

      Ive been a fan of mr. mundy for literally years, he has always been able to speak huge volumes in his pictures and his subject is off the beat to death path, I find it refreshing to literally “meet ” someone thru his work who hasn’t already been wrung out in the tabloids.

  4. michael mckee says:

    Thanks again Michael lets grab a pint soon .

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