Marianna Rothen is an artist/photographer. Some of her work can be found at Urs Hirschbiegel, her partner, is an assistant director. Some of his work can be found here. Shot at their loft in Manhattan.

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10 Responses to MARIANNA & URS

  1. Marvin Bernstein says:

    This is obviously a very cool couple. What really drives it home for me, though, is the shot of her taking the long, loving drag on the cigarette. It’s like a giant Fuck You to Mayor Bloomberg and his Gestapo sanitization/Disneyfication of this city. Not everything has to be like 42nd St, and I, for one, applaud this couple for living a bit on the edge. That’s a great de la Vega piece, too – probably one of my favorites.

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  3. These photographs are beautiful.
    I love the contrast between the Urs and Marianna.
    Marianna belongs in the film Picnic at hanging rock.

    My favorite photograph is the alter ontop of the radio.
    My Grandmother used to do this in her house, plastic flowers, figurines, angels and all.

  4. One of the coolest couple I know though.


  5. paola says:

    ok with white, but sometimes get an hospital feeling

  6. Ron Tedwater says:

    Thanks for the post

  7. Vivian says:

    A lovely study in white. Only couples with no children dare surround themselves with white. Beautiful photos.

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