Brad Ford is an interior designer. His work can be found at Brad Ford ID. Shot at his apartment in Manhattan.

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9 Responses to BRAD

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  2. I loved the view from the one window with the pots in front….so glad you captured that aspect. I love beautiful spaces, but even more so when they have outlets to see any beauty outside.

  3. Kerry says:

    Love it! stylish and comfortable! Love the Dog- adds alot of warmth and personality!!
    This is a geart project, how interesting this must be to do!!

  4. michael mckee says:

    amazing place

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  6. Vivian,
    Very funny. You’re right about that!


  7. Vivian says:

    His work shown on the internet indicates he practices in his own apartment what he preaches in public–beautifully decorated. One of the best since you-know-whose.

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