Buster Seccia is a stylist for the Metropolitan Museum of Art. He is also an independent art consultant. Shot at his apartment in Brooklyn. Recommended by Paul Bridgewater.

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20 Responses to BUSTER

  1. Dee says:

    This is the first time i’ve seen a bathroom, and I like it! Although I am working my way backwards through your blog…

  2. lance boyd says:

    the most inspiring interiors are always the ones that are filled with loved objects and treasured collectables. time is the only thing that can do this. thanks for sharing these amazing spaces and interesting people.

  3. Donnie Russo says:

    Your Apt is as Unique as You are in life…A host of so many personalities and characters, that expands into so many different worlds. The feeling of the Past Present and Future.
    Truly Inspirational and Legandary as You.
    Peace Faith Love
    Donnie Russo

    • Marina Hadjisoteriou says:

      I met Antonio Buster in Venice over a warm, crab lunch and started our Venetian Affair…….his space comes as no surprise to me. . . the warmth that emanates….the love of his world around him…..aguri complimenti………

  4. Buster, Totally dreamy! You pay attention to every detail- from the scrumptuous wall colors to the spectacular collection of art, right down to the towels….
    (I noticed beautifully folded in the bathroom….and was that a venitian water glass?)
    In totality, your space is a beautiful work….. & you’re lookin’ good too!

  5. alex locadia says:

    hay buster
    you are the best & your space is an artist dream place
    much love

  6. Jeanne and Bill Kendall says:

    My husband and I met Buster (quite by chance) at a restaurant in Venice, Italy, over 13 years ago.
    Since that time our mutual love for anything Venetian and our love for each other has never waned.
    We have met him in Venice many times, as well as at our home in coastal MA- but we have never seen Buster’s apartment!

    Michael, through your perceptive vision, we can now see what we have only heard about.
    We were stunned at the incredible environment he has created ;
    a unique apartment that is warm ,wonderful, and very special- just like Buster.

    • Jeanne and Bill
      Thanks for your comment. Buster spoke so highly of Venice. His apartment was so special I couldn’t stop taking pictures. There was one particular corner I must have shot 20 times. He finally had to ask me why I kept shooting it. I couldn’t really answer its just something you feel. I was very happy to feature both Buster and Paul Bridgewater as they both share an incredible passion for art that had a great influence on me growing up.
      Thanks for ssharing your thoughts.

  7. Vivian says:

    Ditto the above. I can’t believe how NY’ers can live in their tiny space and make it comfortable. What a difference to sleep in the bedroom with the religious painting at the headboard and then rush to the bathroom and be greeted with giant, colorful fish! Love that feeling.

  8. Will says:

    I not only love his use of collections and art, but his use of colour – get to see someone being brave with bolder hues. Fab blog, Michael.

  9. This space is unbelievable! At first I thought it was a small apartment.. but the nooks and crannies go on forever! The artwork.. the collection is sublime..

    • Hi Marjorie,
      Good to hear from you again. Because NYC apartments are small, there’s no space to store all your artwork! Buster and his friend Paul help each other by sharing storage space of their art. Check out Paul’s story and notice the similarity.


  10. Kerry says:

    I just had my first trip to NYC and the Met was the highlight. I think Buster must have one of the best jobs in the world, and one of the most fascinating apartments. Just fabulous.

  11. scott ferguson says:

    Goodness. Buster, your collection so rocks. The totems are out of this world.
    What a fun, fab place. Makes me want to sit on that orange bench and soak it all in.
    Nice Michael. Keep em coming. Love to see their art through your art.

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