Jeremy Zini is an emerging artist. Some of his work can be found at Jeremy Zini. Shot at his apartment in Brooklyn.

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9 Responses to JEREMY

  1. Fiona.q says:

    why does he put so many cigarettes in the box? and it looks damn interesting!

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  4. Annton,
    Jeremy is one of my favorite people in New York City…just a really thoughtful and creative person. Super talented and full of potential. I think he’ll go far in life.


    • annton says:

      This is what I’ve felt when looking at the pics. They bring us close, very close. I have been looking into Jeremy’s work and am even more impressed. Thank you for that!

      • Thanks for your comments. Jeremy was great as he had no fear of the camera allowing me to get as close as I did. The fact that he is an artist I am sure had a lot to do with that. Artist are used to putting themselves out there therefor they are often more comfortable in front of the camera.

  5. Vivian says:

    How sparing this man is! Looks like he has a tiny apartment and can’t afford to add much. Seriously, the cigarette butts make a delightful conversation piece. Is that a reminder to quit smoking? I’m assuming it’s his artistic bent. I ‘d like to see him add some art work to the walls.

    • annton says:

      The place truly caught me; with all its clear and willingful emptiness. The cigarettes though freak me out a bit. I understand the idea and think they are impressive, but as a bedside piece, strong, maybe too strong! On artist homes and walls; being an artist myself, I couldn’t stand to live in my work.

  6. michael mckee says:

    Love this website thank you AAW !!
    i like this apt seems very peaceful .

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