Foster Huntington is a blogger and photographer. His websites include A Restless Transplant and The Burning House. Portraits taken at his apartment in Manhattan.

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A project about people and their spaces.
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17 Responses to FOSTER

  1. Claire says:

    I love how his home emulates his travels. Foster really lives the dream life from what I follow from his blogs, I would love to travel like that. Nice work, this is a post I find myself always coming back to. I highly enjoy all of your other posts as well.

  2. jitka says:

    nice. it looks like a home of jack kerouacĀ“s character…

  3. evan says:

    Great website, but just an fyi, the flag is hung the wrong way. Field of blue should be to the observer’s left when hung on a wall.

  4. Skip says:

    Foster’s blog is the best! He inspired me to start taking my own pictures.

  5. foster says:

    Thanks for the kind words Michael. The photos turned out great. I have sailed once in my life, but loved it

  6. Vivian says:

    I’ve been missing our deer head for quite some time now. . .altho that one on Foster’s wall is a bit different. His apartment reflects a restless nature, ready to move at a moment’s notice.

  7. Thorson Rockwell says:

    looks like a good man… all the most important stuff like a surfboard, 3 backpacks, many pairs of boots, an X deer.
    Does he sail Michael..?

  8. michael mckee says:

    love it !!
    the flag and the deer head i love ….really cool bedroom !
    thanks again AAW

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