Dan Ragone is the president of Interview Magazine. Portraits taken in his home in Manhattan.

About AnAfternoonWith...

A project about people and their spaces.
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121 Responses to DAN

  1. Scott says:

    I love this about you Michael – only New Yorker’s do this – refer to one’s apartment as a house or home. Which is exactly what it is. That you live with people on top, below and on either side means nothing once you close the door. You are HOME.

  2. tracy says:

    i’m loving his place!

  3. Soos Mooshie says:

    this is epic !! i love what i’ve seen so far…thanx for posting ^^

  4. DIGI5 says:

    A perfect balance between modern and classic design!

  5. Aleks Dinic says:

    Love it!!!! Great pictures, amazing people!!!!!

  6. M. K [Kohi] says:

    Those are fantastic, really well arranged spaces and great shoots!

  7. gaycarboys says:

    Lovely home and stunnning pics. Thanks for allowing us into your lounge room.

  8. Dan says:

    Very nice place! I love the modern feel and the colors are perfect!

  9. blahblahblah says:

    Great art. That is my favorite thing to see /check out other people’s houses. We collect and I love to see what other kinds of art others have. Great pictures. I envy other people’s ability to have rugs. We have 3 pets and two children and one artist husband and ALL of them are filthy pigs. No rugs for us. Only rug envy for me.

  10. It appeals to a tiny voyeur in everybody 🙂

    I heard about an art project in which people exchanged the keys to their houses/apartments and could visit someone else’s house at a scheduled time.

    Great blog!

  11. i wonder what is that , the skull ? is that a book ?

  12. Great interior,
    It looks very classy and colorful too, your work is very innovative and creative, thanks for sharing.

  13. ghummakkad says:

    What a beautiful blog! Gotta subscribe to this!

  14. Superlike the variety!

  15. I like and love this article and picture!! ” AN AFTERNOON WITH…” It look like very great!!

  16. jessie04 says:

    awesome, congrats for being freshlypressed

  17. Is it me, or does it seem to be a little overloaded?!

  18. Amaizing blue colours

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