Kiel Mead is a designer. Some of his work can be found at Kiel Mead. His studio manager, Sarah Boatright, is an aspiring artist and actor. Her work can found at Sarah Boatright. Portraits taken at their apartment in Brooklyn. Recommended by Bradford Shellhammer.

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12 Responses to KIEL & SARAH

  1. Erika Larson says:

    I’m wondering where the moon decal that is on their fridge is from!

  2. Candace says:

    They have some beautiful lighting fixtures! I came upon your blog through FP (congrats by the way, I was FP’ed last fall) and saw that Kiel recommended Laura and I got all excited because a year or so ago, I bought one of Kiel’s sterling silver camera necklaces thru photojojo and I love it. I always get comments when I wear it. Hope he sees this.

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  5. I believe it’s a combination of old, new and original design – though I think the best place to go is directly to their links. They’re both incredible artists, you should check out their work.

  6. nycartgirl says:

    Their apt. has a nostalgic quality to it. Do you know where most of the furniture comes from, or do they design it themselves?

  7. The lighting throughout the apartment is charming. Reminds me of the chandelier my mother insisted on having in her kitchen. She was ahead of her time. The doorknob design draws your attention to an ordinary doorknob. Great way to decorate something plain.

  8. michael mckee says:

    i like the blue walls , this apt looks cosy and well lived in

  9. Fiona.q says:

    finally this blog is updated, lol. it’s a bit strange for me to wear boots/sportshoes at home…

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