Duncan Hannah is an artist. His work can be found here and on Art Net. Portraits taken at his home in Manhattan.

About AnAfternoonWith...

A project about people and their spaces.
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23 Responses to DUNCAN

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  3. I like this blog, is beautiful… Iยดm going to link it in my blog

  4. starlaschat says:

    Wonderful project! I’m really enjoying the quiet visual and than watching the videos! I feel like I’m walking into a museum of peoples lives. Also seeing little bits and parts of myself. Great Work!

  5. seule771 says:

    I hope you don’t mind me liking your blog, it reminds me that I am very visualistic personage. It is lovely. Thank you for sharing.

  6. quidleyandco says:

    First off, hats off to a very cool blog that is new to me, anafternoonwith.com Personally I’m in love with studio shots, and getting a glimpse into artists’ environments and working procedures. Great video at the bottom of this post. We are very excitted to have Duncan Hannah on board with Quidley & Company. His paintings show his great visual sensibilities. We will have some paintings in our Boston gallery in a couple weeks. Cant wait to see them in person.

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  8. annton says:

    Being a painter myself, this comes very close. Ones again you’re creating the most elegant link between what your eyes see and your protagonist’s personality. The ability to offer such a respect towards the “object” is truly beautiful! Besides that, I love how Duncan seems to own the perfect combination of inner balance and laid back, but still strong, self-confidence. Happy New Year from Berlin.

  9. carrie5011 says:

    Happy New Year, Michael,
    I have not taken in the video yet…but must agree with Fiona (above) who states that you have captured the ‘elegance’ of this man’s space..and no doubt, himself! This is important, for while it may be difficult to avoid one’s personal preferences/conditioning, I think you have maintained a professional distance and not conveyed Duncan’s space in any way ‘kitschy’…not tried to merely give us what, as Fiona states, conveys merely what “you wanna readers to feel”.
    Thank you for transporting me in more ways than you may know …(i.e. I have since researched Duncan’s book interests).


    • Fiona.q says:

      oh.. i only mean there’s a possibility M might get readers what he wants us to feel. i’m not saying he has done that ๐Ÿ˜‰ and i agree with you M is talented enough to maintain this professional distance from the target. but you never know what’s going on later. just see this a kind reminder, or sth nonsense, lool. lovely day, Caroline ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Happy New Year Caroline!
      Thanks for your comment. I have to say one of the greatest results for me with this project has been learning to “pull back” and look at things as non judgmentally as possible.Since I often go shoot places I have no connection to, I know not what to expect. So there have been some surprises. It is precisely these times when faced with what you don’t normally consider “your taste/ style” etc, I have learned to keep an open mind and see what others see (hopefully) in the space.
      PS Duncan story id rapidly becoming one of my favorites.
      Take care,

  10. Fiona,
    I am so glad you like the video. I agree that the voice of each subject brings an important factor which we could not convey with just still images. I am hoping the addition of video will bring greater depth to the project. As always we love your comments. Look forward to getting to know our subjects better this year as the project grows.
    Happy New Year,

    • Fiona.q says:

      one thing i forgot to say yesterday is, Michael, you definitely have the sharp eyes which good at finding/recognizing beauty!

  11. Vivian says:

    I liked the contrast of his living and working spaces. Word pairs like quiet/noisy, chaos/calm, active/passive come to mind. His paintings are beautiful; his people realistic. The video lends life to the subject. I think you should continue the videos to give us distant readers a chance to glimpse the subject.

    • Vivian,
      Thanks for the comments,
      Duncan was such a great subject. I personally love his work. When I entered his apartment, it was like time suddenly stopped. It was very pleasant. I hope to present more video as we go along. As always we value your feedback.

  12. What an amazing space – thank you for providing such a great peek into those who show who they are by where they live…

  13. Fiona.q says:

    it’s a bit interesting about his combination of wood and space. i love the flags on the top of his bed.

    it’s the first time you publish the video of the target? BRAVO! (i hope you see you as well next ;))
    i damn love the part at 0:58, lool. one thing i find today is “the video speaks itself”. your photos are always great. they are elegant, beautiful and exquisite, which everyone’s gonna love. but sometimes they also create the feeling probably you feel about the target people, or you wanna readers to feel about the target. e.g. as to the photos you take of Ducan, i thought he might have a deep voice. but when the video starts… so i would say the video get your target the chance to speak for him/herself. very interesting to know this person better. how do you think?

    love your post as always, especially great to see some changes. and forgive me if anything above makes you feel uncomfortable. ๐Ÿ™‚

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