Brandan Fallis is a DJ. His work can be found on here. Portraits taken at his apartment in Manhattan.

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A project about people and their spaces.
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28 Responses to BRENDAN

  1. Roy says:

    Who cares about the apartment, He is GORGE

  2. Edward says:

    Great Apartment, too.

  3. aycox79 says:

    Great work,Very talented

  4. tracy says:

    …love these photos too.
    lovely place with character.

  5. Michael, I so appreciate the abundant natural(? I’m guessing) light in your photos. Being in a gloomy climate, I look forward to your posts to see homes filled with light and to feel happy for their inhabitants. 🙂 I’m wondering, is your choice of folks who live in bright (and also low-clutter) spaces intentional?

    • Hello Debbie,
      I would say it is coincidental that everyone seems to have “bright (and also low-clutter) spaces”. Many people I shoot are recommended by others so I have no idea what they will look like.
      Glad you like what you see. Keep coming back there is lots more to come.

  6. Fiona.q says:

    hi Michael, i’m planning to buy a new camera, any recommendation? not professional one since i’m not profession, lol.

  7. atalldrink says:

    Obvi this guys is super hot, but this is probably my least favorite space ever on this site. The skull is great and the super wide plank floors are amazing, but there is an obvious lack of design or intent or emotion. I just feel like I have no idea who this person is, whereas the other people profiled reveal so much more.

  8. A Blog by Nika LeFemme says:

    I love the concept and consistency of this blog. I think it so intimate and achieves so much with so little, allowing us to seek information from interesting photographs. I look forward to reading more.

  9. readytochangenow,
    Yes Brendan is a very fun guy. He doesnt take him self too seriously which only adds to his charm.

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  11. mrsredsartroom says:

    I am digging that sole red chair 🙂

  12. Fiona.q says: the transparent lamp beside the TV is a bit interesting.
    a question, when you interviewed him, although he looks quite “sunny” (e.g. smile), do you feel he’s also trying to show a bit “sexy”? lool

  13. Viv says:

    Apparently he lives in a one-room apartment. No closet kitchen? Where does he keep his clothes? LIving space? He seems to have little time to be home. Love the wide boards on the floor and the minimalistic furnishings. He certainly won’t trip over anything getting to the door when going to work.

  14. I’m following him on Soundcloud now. Love it.

  15. I love what he did with the fireplace – the high gloss on the floors is stunning.
    Looks like a fun guy. I especially like the banker shirt with shorts.

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