Ian Collings in the co-founder and principal designer of Fort Standard. His partner is Gregory Buntain. Portraits taken at his  apartment in Brooklyn. Recommended by Bradford Shellhammer.

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A project about people and their spaces.
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24 Responses to IAN

  1. I like the hearing the blues in the background.

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  3. Oh I didn’t really see the light fixture will Vivian Mentioned it. So great. i can smell the fresh cut wood- sniff – Ahhhh! Love it!

  4. Nice. I like this guys space. he’s got some nice stuff goin on.

  5. Annalisa Alosco says:

    Reblogged this on The Big Little Things.

  6. tracy says:

    gorgeous photos.
    of a gorgeous place.

  7. Domenico says:

    Beautiful timber works. A soft touch of poetry…..

  8. Vivian says:

    The addition of the light wood extras, lighting & shelving add much to extending your eyes upward. Did Ian create the light fixture himself?

    • Vivian,
      Yes he did create the fixture. What I love about Ian and Gregory is that they have not only the imagination to come up with such great ideas but they also have the talent to produce them too.
      Very inspiring.
      Hope you are well,

  9. Scott says:

    Very nice. Beautifully shot. Love the space within a space illusion. Only in New York.

    • Scott,
      Thanks. I love anything that makes you look or think about space differently. Ian is very smart and very articulate with his ideas. There is about another half hour of great things he talks about.

  10. I love the red legs on the table – I suspect there is a cat somewhere 🙂 what a great idea to wrap the pipe with a scratching post.


  11. Fiona.q says:

    i think this couple perfectly match each other 😀
    the plastics is a bit too noisy in the video :”(
    by the way, this couple does belong to my “good looking”, lol.

    and the most important question, Michael, what do you think of their blue-white-stripped towel? especially compare it with other photos/set in his home?

    • Fiona,
      I love “good light”. I loved the loight on the towel. Sometimes you have to photograph the “light”.
      Hope you are well,

      • Fiona.q says:

        definitely agree with you that “light” is very important in photos. (give you a high five)
        when i see this photo, i just suddently feel that this towel might perfectly illustrate the essenece of this guy’s life. no matter how beautiful, elegant designs are in the first few pictures, this guy’s life might just be that simple and real.
        just my feelings.
        take care, M.

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  13. Artists Page says:

    Michael, beautiful work as always! xxxmichelle

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