Mikael Kennedy is an artist. Some of his work can be found at Mikael Kennedy. Portraits taken in his home in Brooklyn.

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A project about people and their spaces.
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24 Responses to MIKAEL

  1. Emily says:

    Everything is beautiful. His apartment is beautiful, his mason jar is beautiful, even his shirt. When I grow up, I want my apartment to be this aesthetically pleasing. And I want that cat.

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  3. chair says:

    I’m sure it’s an antique… But any info on the make of the leather club chair? Thanks! Great set.

  4. Vivian says:

    I continue to be amazed how much can be arranged in a tiny apartment and still find room for collectibles, as is the camera shelf. I live in a crowded 2,000SF house and it looks exactly like it is, stuffed to the gills and nothing to brag about. All these subjects have good taste and you show them to full advantage.

  5. Sofía says:

    I don’t know how you get it to look perfect in this places as curios and sometimes disorganized. Yes, I know: a resident with style and a photographer with personality.
    I love what you do.

  6. Great photos– I agree with reader “libraryscenes,” the Brooklyn apartments tend to have a similar feel– very cozy. Inspiring people and spaces!

    • Locati Architects
      Thanks. I think the commonality in the Brooklyn apartments is indeed the light. Maybe its because the buildings are a more uniformed height and therefor the light feels more consistent than Manhattan apartments. Its only a theory.

  7. I’m very much enjoying your blog. It is most interesting (I’ve been checking the archives, first visit) the Brooklyn places all have the same feel, no matter the decor or layout; it’s the light. I’m curious if you usually shoot at the same time of day? Amazing photos. Cheers ~ a

  8. Fiona.q says:

    i like his expressions in the last photo.
    is that a cat on the bed?
    the sofa beside the bed photo looks nice, and expensive, lol.
    it seems that many artists will have national flag in the apartment. M, do you know (or guess) why?

    • Fiona,
      Yes its a cat.
      Its interesting that you should mention about the flag. Now that you mention it there have been several flags on this project (and another one coming soon). I think a lot of artist here in America are looking within our borders and finding there inspiration in the things they see at hand.Maybe the flag speaks of this interest in America right now.
      Always love your comments.
      Be well,

  9. I love the shot with him in thebackground playing the guitar – what an amazing space. Where do you find these guys?

  10. Ainee Beland says:

    Continue to have lovely days.

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