James Jones is the Visual Merchandiser at the Limited Brands. He lives with his partner, John Camiller, who is a Brand Creative Director. Portraits taken at their apartment in Brooklyn. Recommended by Sabine Tucker. You can view more of their photos here.

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68 Responses to JOHN & JAMES

  1. Brad... says:

    Ok… I could comment about the apartment, which is grand… but to me what is most impressive as I am watching this video, is the obvious harmony and comfortableness that exists between these two lovely souls… which of course is reflected in their space.

  2. Lavelda Naylor says:

    I love the eye for they have for collectibles, so hard to do well. Disappointed that they didn’t bother with camouflage for the light cords ;( Details, guys! Otherwise really great and livable space. Before I was a therapist, I was an artist and perhaps a bit OCD myself, LOL. Thanks for the great post.

  3. Milanista says:

    Hah! This is absolutely mind-blowing! Great post!

  4. Mannie says:

    love that wall with different frames seriously considering to do something similar to my wall

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