Moon Rhee, founder & Hey Ja, Creative Director of Dear Rivington


28 Responses to ARCHIVE

  1. Elena Levon says:

    can’t wait to be moving to this wonderful city soon ) this site is bookmarked and no matter where I am in the world, i always have a piece of this magic with me )

  2. Renee Adsitt says:

    Thank you for doing this project. Everywhere I have lived or traveled, I always enjoyed walking past homes in the evening wondering about the variety of lives and experiences taking place behind the lit windows. I’ve always loved the people and neighborhood energy when I visited NYC, and your peeks behind some of those windows is simply delicious. Namasté.

    • Renee,
      You are very welcome! Thank you for such a great comment.I too have found myself looking and wondering at all those “lit windows”. I think we all do that in one way or another. Its great when people open their doors to you, both literally and figuratively.
      Namaste indeed.

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  4. Elena says:

    I love coming here.. such a treat..

  5. Congratulations from Seville. Blogs like this inspire us every day to make it better!! And… muy buen trabajo artistico, con gran sensibilidad.

  6. Q says:

    Your blog is ace! Good job!

  7. Lieve says:

    I love your blog, thanks.


  8. the way you capture your afternoons with your subjects makes me want to be friends with all of them. what a cool blog!

  9. Lovely photographs! I love the quaint, rustic feel you capture in all the pictures..who knew cottage charm could look so good?!

  10. Kai says:

    I stumbled upon your blog a few days ago. It’s really amazing! I really like how you combined portrait and interior photography. The video of Laura Young was very interesting too! It added a personal touch! I’m looking forward to more posts!

  11. fivecats says:

    This blog is definitely an instant favorite. Beautiful photography telling personal stories, a great idea. I’m glad I came across Laura’s afternoon on the “Freshly Pressed” page. Looking forward to more.

  12. Dear Michael,
    I write you some words in English and German, because my native language is German. I love your blog, your photos and videos. Presently I’m in Hamburg, Germany, Europe but every time I visit your blog I feel as I’m in NY City and visit my neighbors or friends. your pictures and stories touch my heart and that is why your work is simply brilliant. Herzliche Grüße Rangi

  13. Joy says:

    lovely photos. great idea for a blog.

  14. maanlovejoy says:

    Very nice blog, it’s clean and sophisticated, very visually appealing. I love the features and awesome photos.

  15. Aidita Her-Rum says:

    Amazingly inspiring blog. Great job!

  16. re-connie-flextions says:

    This blog is amazing. I love how honest this blog feels. Very inspiring.
    be well, connie

    • Connie,
      Wow thats a great compliment! Yes we are always trying our best to keep it real and keep it simple. If you read my statement there is no styling,no lighting and no retouching.
      I am so glad you found us. Keep looking and keep commenting.

  17. this is quite amazing…I just love WordPress and their ways of showcasing great bloggers. Your layout is awesome so interesting that I just want to click on all posts at once and just browse. I feel like I am shopping, sight seeing and seeing art all at the same time…great job


    • Thanks Ricardo,
      We are constantly trying to improve the experience on AAW so your feed back is great to hear. Stay with us in 2012 and feel free to comment on the upcoming additions.
      Happy New Year,

  18. Lindsay says:

    Your photos are incredible! I’m fascinated by the stories you and your partner are able to tell solely through photos. Looking forward to upcoming posts. I’m so glad WordPress recommended your blog on its Project 365 post, otherwise I might not have found your blog.

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