On April 25th, 2012, we celebrated our second anniversary of our project by bringing together all our subjects in one room. It was an incredible evening capping an incredible two years.To commemorate the event, we produced a limited edition newsprint publication which was signed and given to those who attended. We would like to offer the very same publication to you, the viewers, in exchange for your support of this project.
As we create more in-depth experiences for An Afternoon With, we hope to keep these experiences as calm and simple as possible, by refraining from advertisements on the site. No marketing, no selling, just pure and original stories without any distractions. For this reason, we ask for your help to become a part of our project, by supporting An Afternoon With, with the purchase of our limited edition autographed publication for $20.
Thanks for your support!
– Michael Mundy and Nhi Nguyen

3 Responses to MAGAZINE

  1. tomhodgsonuk says:

    Thanks for the reply, got myself a copy on the way. As a guy looking to get his own place soon this blog couldn’t be better for inspiration!


  2. tomhodgsonuk says:

    Hi, I’ve really enjoyed all the spaces and people in your blog! Is this style of interior quite prominent in Brooklyn and the New York area? I was wondering if you had any of the magazines left and if you shipped to England?

    Thanks, I really love the blog!

    • Hi Tomhodgsonuk,
      Thank you for your response. Yes, this sort of style is fairly common among Brooklyn and New York interiors. We do ship to England. If you click on the purchase button it will redirect you to a Paypal site where you can enter in your address.


      P.S. Thanks for your support!

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